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Experience the BEST Performance Improvement training in the world …

We offer training that is unlike anything you have ever experienced before.  DISC is a topic that many people have heard about, but they have often only scratched the surface.  We focus on providing insights in a very positive, encouraging and practical manner. Many people who have been through some other DISC training programs tell us that our training is the best and most unique – hands down. We think you will agree!

DISC Training choices:

  1. You can attend a class at our Events (See Upcoming Events)
  2. We can bring the training to you if you have 10 or more participants – call us at (818)697-6610 for more information on this option.
  3. Book Dr.  Gray as a keynote speaker or trainer for larger groups.
  4. Hire one of our Personal High-Performance Coaches to gain massive growth, both professionally and personally.

Learn Directly From Carla Gray, Ph. D.

You will hear directly from high performance expert, Carla Gray, Ph. D. and her training staff. You will learn how to apply DISC information in a wide variety of ways. Upon the completion of the DISC training, you will be equipped and ready to use an excellent set of resources for professional and  personal use.


Improve Your Performance with our REMOTE OR Onsite Personalized Coaching Services using our  DISC Profiles

Our coaching will enable you to improve in areas that will lead you or your organization to soar. We coach you or your team members through the results of your assessment (s) as you go through your profile report (s) one-on-one or as a team to add value and deeper understanding. We offer coaching to organizations who need individuals to grow professionally as well as personally.  These services are possible using our Extended Adult DISC Profiles.

We offer these coaching services to individual clients or team members:

  • A complete personality assessment
  • Identification of your main strengths
  • Review of keys to excellence (overcoming challenges)
  • Review of your value in a team environment
  • Tips on how others can best work with you
  • Understanding your motivation and behavior
  • Understanding your communication style
  • Understanding your decision-making style
  • Insights for professional growth
  • Insights for long-term development (areas to watch out for)
  • Tips for effective communication and presentations
  • How to lead others
  • What to emphasize with others
  • How to relate better with others
  • Recognizing in-control vs. out-of-control behavior
  • Review of your personality graphs

Specialized coaching services that we offer:

  • Using DISC concepts as a Leader
  • Job matching analysis for hiring and role alignment
  • Team analysis for improved team dynamics
  • Custom interaction guides for two people to work more effectively together
  • Adapting your leadership style for maximum results
  • Reading others – using observation to find clues to connect better
  • Stress potential analysis – how your environment aligns with your personality
  • Fitness motivational insights and tips – working with yourself instead of against yourself

Whether you simply want to learn, grow yourself, or grow your team, we would be delighted to be a part of helping you reach your goals.

To learn more, call (818)697-6610.

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