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Child Concise Version Assessment

This Success Report is a great resource for parents and teachers who want to gain insights into the personality type of a child. Use this personalized report to get ideas on how to parent and  teach according to the child’s communication style and environmental needs. This personality assessment uses fun pictures of “BOTS” (like robots) in story form as a way to determine the boy or girl’s personality style. The assessment takes about 30 minutes to complete online. An insightful 8-page report will then be provided online that provides:

  • Words that describe the child
  • Strengths
  • Tips to help the child develop and mature
  • Environmental needs and motivation preferences
  • Overview of the DISC personality model (reference for parents and teachers)
  • Personality graphs for the child (reference for parents and teachers)


Child Extended Version Assessment

We are one of the only companies in the entire world that offers DISC profiles for teens and children. We are big believers in helping our kids and teens to become the best they can be!

We have decided to slash the price of the extended versions of the Success Report DISC profiles for teens and children from $59.95 to $39.95!

This new reduced pricing will make the extended version more affordable for families and schools. That is a huge 33% price reduction! The extended versions of the profiles provide so much more feedback in areas such as communication style, decision making style as well as providing specific feedback for teachers and parents.

The Success Report is our most comprehensive personality test (assessment) product. This is the version for children ages 5-12. You will receive a 48 page computer generated report (downloaded file) that is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. The Success Report is based on the results of an online personality assessment that is fun for the child to go through online. Pictures and stories make the process more like a game. There is a section in the report for the child, for the child’s parents and for the child’s teachers.
Some may think of this as a “personality test” or a “personality quiz.” There are no right or wrong answers, just the child’s individual preferences.



Teen Concise Version Assessment

This DISC personality profile version of the Success Report is designed just for teens, high school students, college students and young adults to help them understand themselves and their strengths. It also includes feedback that is helpful in thinking about career direction. Parents and teachers will also find the report useful to gain insights into how to connect based on his or her personality style. The online assessment takes about 20-25 minutes to complete. A practical and easy-to-read 12-page report will be created that provides:

  • Introduction to the DISC traits (new)
  • Words that describe you
  • Your Strengths
  • Tips on how to move ahead in life
  • Motivational style and environment needs
  • Overview of the DISC personality model
  • Communication tips
  • Career tips
  • Personality graphs (newly expanded section)


Teen Extended Version Assessment

The Teen Extended Success Report version is what we call our “Get Real” version. You will receive a personalized 58-page DISC profile report that is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. The Success Report is based on the results of an online personality test (assessment) that will take you only about 15-20 minutes to complete online. Some may think of this as a “personality test” or a “personality quiz.” This is not really a test, because you can not fail. There are no right or wrong answers, just your individual preferences.

The report is divided into four sections. One section for the teen, one section for the teen’s parents, one section for the teen’s teachers and one section with vocational information.

This vocational aspect of this report is great for teens trying to figure out their strengths and how to leverage them for a future career. A new bonus has been added that will allow teens to use a special “Career Interest Explorer” tool that will allow them to narrow down a list of careers that fit them according to their personality. The career list can be saved for later reference. Teens can even research the careers by clicking on links which we have organized to be very easy to use. There is no extra charge for use of the Career Interest Explorer.