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Parent Solutions


Children ages 5-12 are “trying out” their personality style on a daily basis. Whether you have a sweet, quiet child, or whether you have a rowdy, energetic, non-stop child, you can better parent him or her by knowing more about what makes them tick.

Have a Teen? It is likely that you are looking to help your teen with direction or self-confidence. We understand – that’s why we have developed resources just for teens!! Teenage years are a challenge – for the teen and for the parents. So, our resources are designed to help and encourage both of you. The idea is simple – your teen has strengths and preferences, and it would help everyone to identify those areas.

Personality Styles Matter. You can …

  • Adjust your parenting style to better meet your children’s needs.
  • Enhance communication between you and your children.
  • Reduce common areas of conflict.
  • Create an atmosphere of encouragement and cooperation in your home.

Our coaches work with parents who desire to improve their relationship with their child or children.

For parents who would like learn about how to best address their child's or children's strengths and "blind spots,"  contact a coach at (818)697-6610.

Adult and Student Assessments

When parents understand their child's or children's personality,  they  have better relationships. Using the Adult Extended Version and the extended version assessments for your child or teen, you will have profile data that will improve the interaction on all levels for your family.