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About us


Dr. Carla Gray is Founder and CEO of Educational Treasures, LLC. Having been in business since 1999, she has provided countless individuals, business professionals, and school district staff members with resources, coaching, and professional trainings that has led to both high performance and achievement.


Dr. Gray holds specialized certifications and has worked in a number of capacities. She is certified in Leadership, Curriculum and Instruction, Elementary Education, and K-12 Reading Instruction. She has worked as a State Department of Education curriculum and instruction coordinator, Central Office curriculum coordinator, principal, and teacher. She is an entrepreneur who is a Certified Behaviorist, coach and trainer for DISC: The Model of Human Behavior. Dr. Gray remains abreast and relevant by attending professional conferences and obtaining upgraded certifications in her fields. She hones her skills as a professional presenter and as a motivational speaker through her membership and  serving as President of  Rising Star Toastmasters International. 

As a successful entrepreneur, Dr. Gray designs customized trainings and programs that revolutionize educational institutions, businesses, community organizations, and the relationships among team members. She developed the Success Formula: Personalize Instruction to Achieve Massive Academic Performance Growth which leads educators and students in meeting K-12 instructional targets. Hence, Dr. Gray creates systems that are impactful and transformational. The process for the Success Formula is revealed in the book, Discover Your Team’s Potential: Proven Principles to Engage Your Team and Improve Performance, where Dr. Gray is a contributing author.

Her pass time is spent traveling, reading, writing, playing acting roles, volunteering, and being a wife and mother.



                                                                     OUR TEAM

Founded in 1999 and headquartered in California, Educational Treasures, LLC is a consulting and coaching firm comprised of highly qualified experts who are certified school administrators and teacher coaches. As a leading service provider for Personality Assessments and Profiles, Personal and Professional Growth Coaching,  Transformational Leadership, Personalized Instruction, Mastery Learning, and Student Leadership Development, Educational Treasures is dedicated to advancing organizational performance and getting desired  student academic results.