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Leadership Solutions

We help you become a Transformational Leader who influences and impacts your school staff based on how each person is best led. We help you understand yourself and your leadership style, understand others  and how they respond best to a leader, and adapt your leadership style to best fit the needs of others. You will experience better results, higher productivity, more enjoyment, and fun. You and your school organization will have more peace, harmony and cooperation. Ultimately, you will have more understanding and clarity when working with people.  Request our Transformational Leadership Training and Coaching to improve your organization's total performance by calling Dr. Carla Gray at (818) 697-6610.

We provide school leaders with::

  • An introduction to DISC Model of Human Behavior
  • An introduction to our researched-based leadership model
  • How to adjust your leadership style
  • Your personality style
  • Words that accurately describe you
  • Your main strengths
  • Keys for you to achieve excellence
  • Your motivational style
  • Your communication style
  • Your priorities and decision-making style
  • A chart showing your high and low traits
  • How you work on a team
  • Detailed leadership guides
  • Your personality graphs
  • Multiple application charts and reference guides
  • Personal review worksheet
  • Methods  for strategic planning


DISC Leadership Assessment

Our Success Report Leadership Version is a ground-breaking personality assessment and profile designed to help any person to be more effective as a leader.